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Frequently Asked Questions

What system do you use to build a website?

Our preferred platform for building websites is WordPress. We do work with Joomla but on a case by
case basis.

What’s the price for a website?

It really depends on your organization’s online goals and budget. Are you looking for a custom design
or will a premade design meet your needs? Do you want to have a relationship management
system on your website that handles donations, memberships or event registrations? Do you sell
products or items that needs to be shipped? Does your website have 5 pages or 50 pages? These
are just some of the things we need to know before we can answer this question accurately. However,
we can say our website projects start at $3,000 for a standard website and start at $5,000 for a
website with database integration.

How long does a website project take?

A standard website project takes around 4-6 weeks to complete. If the website project includes data
integration, then that can take around 8 weeks or more. Once we have the exact specifications of a
website project we can give a closer estimate.

Do you provide hosting?

We currently do not offer hosting service, but we recommend and can set your website up on our
preferred hosting provider, Siteground. We’ll help you choose the right package, establish an account
and move your website on their server. We like Siteground because their servers are optimized for
WordPress, they have a weekly malware scan service, they have a great backup and restore service,
and fast, quality customer service.

Do you offer website maintenance?

Yes, we do! If you prefer not to get caught up in the technical details of your website, we provide
WordPress maintenance service. We monitor your website and automatically update your plugins
and WordPress when updates are available. We also keep a backup of your website and provide
reports on the updates made to your website

Are We a Good Fit For Your Project?

We know that choosing the right web designer is not always easy. Sometimes a quick conversation can help answer so additional questions or concerns you have. Contact us today for a no obligation 20-minute call and see if we’re a good fit for each other.