Give People What They Want and They Will Convert

Visitors come to your website with the simple goal of finding what they’re looking for. If they don’t find it, they’ll click the back button and look elsewhere. You can get more leads and sales by making relevant information easily available to your website visitors.

So how do you know what people are looking for on your website? Start by looking at your Google Analytics reports. Even if your website doesn’t get a lot of visitors, if you can convert the ones that do come to your website then that’s just as good. For example, if you’re a coach with a coaching program that’s $2000, if during the month you got 10 people to visit your website and had a 20% conversion, you would make $4000 for the month. The key is in the conversion.

If you have a longer sales cycle, you’ll want to get visitors on your email list through an educational free offer. This way you can communicate with them further using lead nurturing campaigns. Again even with a small amount of visitors to your website, if you get those people on your email list, you’ll have a chance to turn that lead into a client. The key to conversion is to give people what they want.

Let’s see how your Google Analytics reports can help you increase conversions. Follow the steps below to access the All Pages report:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account at
  2. In the Account list, click on your website name to view your analytics. This brings you to the Reporting screen.
  3. On the left-side of the screen, under Standard Reports, click Content. This displays the content reports.
  4. Click Site Content and then click All Pages.

The information you’ll want to know about your website are the following:

  • Which of your website pages are most popular
  • Where do people spend the most and least time on your site
  • Which pages do people leave your site from (i.e. pages that have a high ‘bounce’ or ‘exit rate’)

Let’s see how you can find out this information.

Which Pages Are Most Popular On Your Website

The All Content report, by default, lists all visited pages in order of popularity. This report can help you see which of your pages are being viewed often on your website. If you are not strategically driving people to that page you can assume they are going to these pages on their own or the search engine results are taking them to this page.

Where Do People Spend The Most and Least Time on Your Site

If the average time spent on a page is unexpectedly low, you might conclude that the page content does not meet the visitors’ expectations. If the time spent is high this may indicate that the call-to-action or next step is not clearly defined or needs to be refined.

Which Pages Do People Leave From On Your Website (i.e. pages that have a high ‘bounce’ or ‘exit rate’)

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that only viewed one page on your website before leaving. While exit rate is the percentage of people who exited your website from a page, however the visitor may have visited other pages before exiting from that page.

What To Do With The Information From This Report:

Once you know your most popular pages, review your top 10 pages and implement the following to help increase lead conversion:

  • Optimizing your pages so they correlate better with the search terms that bring users to your site
  • Create content that’s relevant to the title of your page
  • Write clear and concise information
  • Use bulleted pointed to break up long text; people tend to skim content and bulleted text is easier to read
  • Use a graphic related to the content, when appropriate; graphics can help correlate the content visually
  • Add clear, visible, preferable graphic-based call-to-actions on all your pages; tell the visitor the next step they should take

The ultimate goal is to give people what they want. If they’ve found your website, no matter how big or small the amount of visitors, if your website gives then the information they’re looking for and you provide them with next steps you’re likely to convert them into a lead. The Google Analytics reports puts you at an advantage to see how you’re doing in meeting your visitors expectation. You then have the knowledge as to what’s working and what’s not. Review your analytics report and start making strategic changes to your website.

Try the tips above and give yourself enough time between changes to evaluate the impact on your visitors, their behaviors and your conversion rate.