WordPress Website Maintenance 

Do You Dread Doing the Technical Stuff?

Stress-Free Web Maintenance

I bet you’ve got a lot on your plate. But even if you don’t, your time is best spent either doing the things you love or doing the things that help move your business goals forward. No need to add the maintenance and technical details of your website to your already large to-do list,

Keeping WordPress and your website plugins up to date are important for the security of your website because ignoring updates leaves your website vulnerable to hacks.

I’ve seen my fair share of hacked websites and the havoc on the client’s budget and stress-level, especially when your business relies on your website being available for orders, registrations, donations, signup, etc.

My WordPress Web Maintenance plan help relieve the stress of:

  • Remembering to check your website for updates
  • Backing up your website, in case you need a previously working version of your website
  • Fixing technical problems when they arise

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor your WordPress uptime, downtime & overall performance for your WordPress websites.


Monthly Reports

Monthly in-depth WordPress maintenance reporting to show the work involved in maintaining your website.


Back up your entire WordPress website (database + all WP files) and set up backup schedules to run automatically.


If your website is compromised, the last good copy of your website backup will be restored, minimizing downtime.

As the President and CEO of Precision HealthCare Consultants, it is important for my online presence to educate and market our services  24/7. [Janice’s] personal dedication and commitment to the success of each of her clients are extraordinary.  She is also readily available for urgent matters.

My heart sank when we were notified by Google that an outdated extension on a page caused our site to be added to hundreds of others that were victims of malware. Not a problem for Janice. She quickly jumped in and had our site clean with a stamp of approval from Google within a day!

Vanessa Best, CCS-P, CPC, AHIMA ICD-10 Trainer

CEO, Precision HealthCare Consultants


P.O. Box 10807
Westbury, NY 11590
(516) 333-6578


(516) 333-6578

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